Management Services

  • Warranty work sourcing, scheduling, and management
  • Service and repair work sourcing, scheduling, and management
  • Planned Maintenance System upkeep, machinery and equipment service record keeping
  • Weekly logging of generator and engine hours
  • Weekly or Monthly work and job report updates
  • Shipyard and haul out scheduling
  • Managing and overseeing shipyard periods and all work being performed by outside contractors
  • Parts sourcing, pick-up and delivery
  • Fuel delivery and scheduling
  • Vessel document renewal and registration
  • Flag state, audits, and surveys
Yacht Services Bahamas
Yacht Cleaning and Detailing Services

General Services

  • Weekly check of vessels (lines, fenders, power, AC, refrigerators, alarms, covers, etc.)
  • Ready to go service – pre-trip readiness, cover removal, windshield and window cleaned, fridges and freezers stocked, laying out pillows and towels.
  • Yacht outfitting and staging